Woman Calls ‘Puzzling’ Neighbors for Calling Realtor to Do Welfare Check

A young woman takes it out on her “curious” neighborssaying they recently went overboard calling her realtor for a feel-good check.

“I’m in my thirties,” she explained on Mumsnet. “I bought my first house in a small town in Ireland six months ago.”

His neighbors are two men, one in his 40s and the other in his 60s, whom she assumes to be father and son.

“They are my only neighbours. We have never spoken to each other,” she said.

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The woman moved into her first home in a small town in Ireland. (Getty)

The woman added that she doesn’t like her neighbors because they “blast loud music”.

Last week she went on vacation to Spain and during that time she missed two calls from the real estate agent who sold her the house.

“He called me twice on WhatsApp at 10 p.m.,” she said.

“Then he texted me saying ‘call me’. I haven’t spoken to this estate agent since he sold me the house, so I was worried something was wrong. “

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Welfare checks on nosy neighbors
The woman shared her experience on Mumsnet, asking her followers for advice. (Mumsnet)

She called him back the next day and was told, “Your neighbors are very, very worried about you.” The men had become concerned when they had not seen her for a few days and had seen the newspapers piling up outside her house.

“My neighbors don’t have my phone number. Turns out the real estate agent is friends with them. They knew he would have my number. So they called him and asked him to call me” , continued the woman.

She then asked the form if it was unreasonable to think it was “OTT”, saying it made her “uncomfortable”.

“I’ve only been away for five days,” she continued. “It’s summer, everyone is going on vacation. I know from looking at these neighbors that they are not people who would worry about me. They are the kind of people who are curious and just want to know what that I’m. done.

“It’s so OTT to me,” she added. “Surely I should be able to go on vacation and not get phone calls from them. And the real estate agent surely shouldn’t be calling me late at night.

“I felt really stressed about it yesterday. I wanted privacy in a house. And to be able to come and go whenever I want.”

Complaint from nosy neighbor
The woman says her “nosy” neighbors left her “uncomfortable”. (Getty)

Most Mumsnet followers urged her to give her neighbors the benefit of the doubt.

“They may be a little nosy, but at least they have your well-being at heart,” one wrote. “Surely they wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble just to find out where you were?”

“I can’t really imagine they’re doing it from anything other than a good place, although it seems intrusive,” said another.

At this point, the woman responds to the comments, doubling down on her feelings.

“Well, imagine you’re an older man and you have a young woman living next door to you,” she replied. “She’s going away for a few days. You ask the local real estate agent to call her while she’s on vacation, to find out where she is. Does that sound good then? is curious, intrusive and controlling. I know they just do it out of curiosity. It definitely made me uncomfortable.

One person commented: “Weird the estate agent would phone and not just alert the police. Maybe talk to them and tell them you don’t need anyone watching you in the future. “

“The joys of small town Ireland, I’m afraid. Everyone knows each other’s business,” said another. “I’ll have a word with the realtor though.”

“Jesus, they only cared about your well-being,” added another.

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