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CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government is in no mood to allow an amusement park, land of queens Amusement park, to continue occupying 21.6 acres of public land near the city. He informed the Madras High Court that a proposal made by the park to provide alternative land belonging to him in exchange for the public land was rejected.
additional general counsel J. Ravindran made the submission on a plea proposed by the management of the park to consider its proposal.
Recording of the conclusions, the first panel ruled on the means proposed by Rajam Hotels Pvt Ltd who owns the park.
According to the petitioner, he approached the state government on September 30, 2021 to allocate 21.6 acres of government land in possession of the park in exchange for alternative land proposed by the petitioner. Since no decision has been made on representation, the petitioner asked the court to order the state to consider the proposal.
When the plea was heard, AAG argued that the proper authority had now passed an order dated July 14 dismissing the prayer made in the performance.
For this, the petitioner asked the court to grant freedom to challenge the dismissal order. Given the submissions, the bench granted the requested release and disposed of the plea.

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