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Tyra foxx

Rogue River woman suspected by Josephine County grand jury of working with drug cartel

A Grants Pass-based real estate agent was arraigned in Josephine County District Court on Wednesday on charges of fraud and illegal marijuana charges.

Tyra Polly Ann Foxx, 41, of Rogue River, has also been charged with First Degree Counterfeiting, Obstructing Prosecution of a Marijuana Trader, Two Counts of Illegally Manufacturing a Marijuana Item and Forgery physical evidence.

A Josephine County grand jury indictment claims Foxx was involved in an “organized crime operation.”

Probable cause statement alleges defendant committed two counts of illegally manufacturing an item of marijuana while helping secure property in the 1100 block of Panther Gulch Road, Williams, to illegally manufacture nearly 72,000 marijuana plants .

Foxx is also accused of attempting to obtain hemp cultivation permits from the Oregon Department of Agriculture for a property in the 1500 block of Thompson Creek Road after it was determined he was was an illegal marijuana cultivation site. These plants were destroyed in accordance with the search warrant.

Also according to the probable cause statement, Foxx is accused of modifying a lease and lien documents for the Panther Gulch Road property in order to avoid lawsuits and civil forfeiture, as well as creating false leases and building privileges to prevent county civil forfeiture.

“The more paperwork you have on the property, the better,” she said after asking someone to send a lien document on the Panther Gulch property. “We should sign the entry papers and give them as many hoops as possible, building privileges, small claims judgment blah blah blah.”

The indictment indicates that Foxx sought to impede “prosecutions, convictions, prosecutions or sanctions,” as well as assisting Jose Orozco, in securing and protecting the proceeds and benefits of an operation. illegal cultivation of marijuana.

The charge of an isolated offense, falsification of material evidence, arises from the fact of having produced the falsified privilege and rental contracts.

She was arrested on October 19 and released on $ 50,000 bail.

The Foxx case is due for a status review hearing on February 22, 2022.

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