Quadrupling in house prices shocks Taupō real estate agent who is still in the game at 89

Real estate agent Allan Hodges continues to work in the industry at 89 and suspects he may be New Zealand's oldest licensed agent.


Real estate agent Allan Hodges continues to work in the industry at 89 and suspects he may be New Zealand’s oldest licensed agent.

A house Allan Hodges sold for $ 550,000 recently sold for four times the price.

This is the kind of increase that shocks the licensed real estate agent, who is about to celebrate his 90th birthday.

“Ever since I’ve been alive, anyone who has owned real estate has always increased their investment, but never in my professional life have I seen such a crazy increase as I have seen over the past two years,” said the Taupō Professionals staff member.


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“There was a house that I sold in the 90s for $ 550,000 and recently it changed hands for $ 2.2 million. This is the kind of increase that has taken place.

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Hodges’ role as the oversight and compliance officer at Professionals Taupō doesn’t involve selling homes himself, but he suspects he’s the oldest licensed agent in the country – and he does. not planning to retire anytime soon.

Statistics from the Real Estate Authority show one female licensed agent in New Zealand aged 83 or over, and 22 male.

The average price of real estate in Taupō now stands at $ 837,684.


The average price of real estate in Taupō now stands at $ 837,684.

Hodges, initially an engineer, began his real estate career in Waikanae on the Kāpiti Coast before moving to Taupō where he often vacationed with his late wife Kath.

He is shocked by the prices of housing in Taupō.

“Previously, the homes that we thought of as family homes in Richmond Heights were selling for between $ 250,000 and $ 400,000, but they now sell for between $ 700,000 and $ 800,000.

“Unless the kids have mom and dad to help them out or something of that nature, it’s virtually impossible for them to get off the ground. “

Hodges loves real estate and said he would have gotten into the business sooner if he had known what he had to offer.

“My daughter keeps saying ‘Dad, why don’t you retire?’ but I’m like ‘Okay so what do you want me to do?’

“I’ve seen so many busy people retire and in less than a year they’re dead because they don’t care or have nothing to do.

“I am very fortunate in terms of health. Besides having a crazy back which makes me a bit slower, I am fully alert and in good shape and it lasts a long time.

“It keeps me going, I don’t want to retire. I think I still have something to offer sitting in this office.

Hodges said he makes sure his office team is doing all they can in an extremely buoyant and competitive market.

“The industry changed in 2008 when the new Real Estate Agents Act came into effect. It is much stricter than the old 1976 law and the Real Estate Authority (REA) took over from the old Real Estate Institute of NZ (REINZ), “he said. .

Real estate prices in Taupō increased 36.3% in 12 months.


Real estate prices in Taupō increased 36.3% in 12 months.

“There are something like 11 government laws that we now have to work on and my job as supervisor and compliance officer is to tick all the boxes so we don’t end up in legal disputes.

“There have been a lot of changes but, to be fair, the industry probably needed it. It helped get rid of the bad boys.

“We were very lucky in Taupō, there are 80 graduates and I don’t remember having read one [formal complaint] case against one of them.

Hodges, who is preparing for a 90th birthday celebration with his family in November, said he wanted to see the market take hold before deciding on his next move.

“At my age in life, I try to give back to the community some of the things I have learned. I have a lot of people looking for advice and I like being able to help them, ”he said.

“I have a little unfinished business and then I’ll be spending my time at the bowling club. I’m so busy I can barely get onto the green.

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