NOTICE OF SALE BY THE SUBSTITUTION TRUSTEE OF A REAL ESTATE LOCATED AT 12042 WEST BROAD STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SALE TO BE HELD AT THE COURT OF THE CIRCUIT OF THE COUNTY OF HENRICO ON SEPTEMBER 28, 2021, AT 1:00 PM Trust, Pursuant to this Deed of Deed Assignment of Leases and Rents and Guarantee Agreement, dated October 7, 2013, effective October 11, 2013 and recorded October 11, 2013, among the land records kept at the Clerk’s Office in Henrico County, Virginia (the “Real Estate Records “), in Deed Book 5199, Page 0481 (the” Deed of Trust “), securing 12042 West Broad Street Holdings, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company, (” Beneficiary “) as successor beneficiary under of this transfer of trust deed, transfer of leases and rents and guarantee contract, dated September 29, 2020, and recorded on October 2, 2020, in the land registers of the book of deeds 6067, page 353 (instrument number 202000040739), the failure of payment having occurred of the debt security thus, and being instructed to do so by the beneficiary, the undersigned Alternate Trustee will offer the property (as defined below) for sale at public auction at the main entrance of Henrico County Circuit Court, located at 4309 East Parham Road, Richmond, Virginia 23228 on September 28, 2021, starting at 1:00 pm (the “Sale”). The real estate encumbered by the Trust Deed that will be offered for sale by the Alternate Trustee is commonly referred to as 12042 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, Tax Card # 735-764-3078, as more specifically described in the Deed of Trust, and all related improvements, fixtures, easements and outbuildings (the “Real Property”). The real property will be sold with any interest of the beneficiary in the personal property, fixtures, equipment and security encumbered by the trust deed, as defined and more particularly described therein (the “personal property”, and together with the real estate Property, the “Property”). ALL CASH CONDITIONS OF SALE. The Property will be offered for sale “AS IS, WEST” and will be transferred by the Act of the Alternate Trustee subject to all charges, rights, reservations, transfers, conditions, easements, restrictions and privileges registered and unregistered, if any, taking precedence over the trust deed, as they can legally affect the property. Personal property will be transferred without guarantee by a deed of sale with deposit. The Alternate Trustee and the Beneficiary disclaim any warranty of any kind, express or implied, for the property, including (without limitation) any warranties relating to zoning, soil condition, extent of construction. , materials, habitability, state of the environment, compliance with applicable laws, fitness for a particular use and merchantability. The risk of loss or damage to the Property will be borne by the successful bidder (“Buyer”) upon acceptance of the Buyer’s offer. It will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer to obtain possession of the Property. The Alternate Trustee may require any Bidder to submit a deposit in the amount of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NO / 100 DOLLARS ($ 100,000.00) by certified check or cashier’s check payable to the Alternate Trustee, and will be required by the alternate trustee for such offers to be accepted (the “Deposit”). The Alternate Trustee reserves the right to prequalify any bidder prior to the sale and / or waive the deposit requirement. The Beneficiary expressly reserves the right to bid. Immediately after the sale, the buyer will be required to sign and deliver a memorandum of sale with the alternate trustee, copies of which will be available for inspection before the sale. The buyer must pay the balance of the purchase price at settlement. Payment will be made no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the Sale; however, at Buyer’s request, the Alternate Trustee may, in its sole and absolute discretion, agree to extend the Settlement Date. TIME INCLUDES THE ESSENTIALS FOR ALL PURCHASER’S OBLIGATIONS. Settlement will take place at the offices of Venable LLP, 8010 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 300, Tysons Corner, Virginia 22182 or other mutually agreed upon location. The buyer must pay all overdue property taxes, cancellation taxes, water rents, water license renewal fees (if applicable) and other municipal liens, charges and assessments. The buyer must also pay all settlement costs, closing costs, title examination costs, title costs and title insurance premiums, all registration costs including, but not limited to , state and county grantor tax, congestion alleviation fee (if applicable) and all state and county registration fees, clerk filing fees, and transfer, auctioneer fees and / or auction premiums, and reasonable attorney fees and disbursements incurred in preparing the deed of assignment and other settlement documents. If the Beneficiary is the highest bidder at the said sale, instead of cash, the Beneficiary may make payment through his credit offer up to the amount owed to the Beneficiary, or any part thereof, plus costs. and fees permitted under Virginia law. The buyer will be required to sign an agreement upon settlement waiving any cause of action that the buyer may have against the acting trustee and / or the beneficiary for any condition relating to the property which may not be in accordance with any law. applicable federal, state or local. , regulation or decision, including, but not limited to, any law, regulation or decision relating to environmental contamination or hazardous waste. This agreement shall also provide that if, notwithstanding this agreement, a court of competent jurisdiction allows such a claim, that agreement will be the primary determining factor in any equitable allocation of response costs or other liability. Nothing herein releases, waives or excludes any claims that Buyer may have against any person in possession or control of the Property. If, for whatever reason, the buyer fails to make the settlement as provided above, the deposit will be forfeited and applied to the costs of the sale, including (without limitation) the alternate trustee’s fees, and the balance, if any, will be remitted to the beneficiary to be applied by the Beneficiary against the debt guaranteed by and other amounts due under the Deed of Trust in accordance with it and applicable law or otherwise, according to the choice of the Beneficiary. There will be no refund. Such forfeiture will not limit any right or remedy of the Alternate Trustee or the Beneficiary against any defaulting purchaser with respect to such default. If the Property is resold, this resale will be at the risk and expense of the Defaulting Buyer, who will be responsible for any gap between his offer and the offer selected at the time of resale, as well as the costs of such resale. Immediately following the assignment by the Alternate Trustee of the Property, all duties, responsibilities and obligations of the Alternate Trustee, if any, with respect to the Property so transferred will be extinguished, unless otherwise provided by applicable law. / s / Daria Ivanova, Esq., Alternate Trustee FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Daria Ivanova, Esq. Venable LLP 8010 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 300 Tysons Corner, Virginia 22182 (703) 905-1437 [email protected] / s / Henry F. Brandenstein, Jr., Esq., Alternate Trustee FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Henry F. Brandenstein, Jr., Esq. Venable LLP 8010 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 300 Tysons Corner, Virginia 22182 (703) 760-1632 [email protected]

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