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STATE OF VERMONT VERMONT SUPERIOR COURT RUTLAND UNIT, CIVILIAN DIVISION DOCKET NO: 433-8-19 RDCV US BANK TRUST, NA, AS TRUSTEE FOR LSRMF MH MASTER PARTICIPATION TRUST II c. TOBIAS M. GABRANSKI OCCUPANTS OF: 109 Lake Street, Belmont VT NOTICE OF SEIZURE FROM MORTGAGE CREATOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE UNDER 12 VSA sec 4952 et seq. Pursuant to the judgment order and foreclosure decree entered on December 3, 2019, in the above captioned action brought for foreclosure that certain mortgages granted by Tobias M. Gabranski to Bank of America, NA, dated 10 March 2010 and recorded in the City of Mount Holly Land Records Book 77 Page 212, of which the Applicant is the current Mortgage Holder, under the following Mortgage Assignments: (1) Bank Assignment of Mortgage of America, NA to the Federal National Mortgage Association as of February 22, 2016 and recorded in Book 88 page 632; (2) Federal National Mortgage Association Mortgage Assignment to Nationstar Mortgage LLC d / b / a Mr. Cooper dated May 21, 2019 and recorded in Book 94, page 376; and (3) Assignment of Mortgage from Nationstar Mortgage LLC d / b / a M. Cooper to US Bank Trust, NA, as Trustee for LSRMF MH Master Participation Trust II dated January 28, 2020 and recorded in Book 95 page 451 All City of Mount Holly Land Records for breach of the terms of said Mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosure will be auctioned off at 109 Lake Street, Belmont, Vermont on August 31, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. All and singular premises described in said mortgage, namely: a certain land at Mt. Holly, Rutland County and State of Vermont, described as follows, namely being all the same land and premises from Helen Heald to Flossie P. Dana, Raymond A. Dana and Nancy Dana Wilson declared the deed dated 5 December 1966 as recorded in volume 29, page 219 of Mt. Holly Land Records. Flossie P. Dana died on January 22, 1997. Reference is also made to the Deed of Guarantee from Flossie P. Dana to Helen Heald dated December 5, 1966, which deed is recorded at volume 29, page 219 of Mt. Holly Land Records. Reference is also made to the act of Orrin A. Priest to Thaddeus O. Priest and Flossie P. Dana on May 29, 1956, as recorded in volume 27, page 118 of Mt. Holly Land Records. Reference is further made to the deed of Thaddeus O. Priest to Orrin A. Priest dated May 29, 1956 appearing in volume 27, page 117 of Mt. Holly Land Records. Reference may further be made to the deed of George Trask to Thaddeus A. Priest dated March 25, 1904, as recorded in Book 20, page 311 of Mt. Holly Land Records. Thaddeus A. Priest died September 19, 1961. Orrin A. Priest died October 23, 1980. All the same premises ceded to mortgagor by deed in Book 70, page 573 at Mt. Holly Town Clerk’s Office. Property Address: 109 Lake Street Belmont, VT 05730 Reference is hereby made to the above instruments and to the records and references they contain for further assistance in this description. Terms of sale: The said premises will be sold and transferred subject to all privileges, charges, unpaid taxes, fiscal titles, municipal privileges and appraisals, if any, which take precedence over said mortgage described above. TEN THOUSAND ($ 10,000.00) Purchase price dollars must be paid by certified check, treasurer’s or cashier’s check at the time and place of sale by the purchaser. The balance of the purchase price will be paid by wire transfer, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check within sixty (60) days of the date of entry of the Confirmation Order by the Court. All checks should be made payable to “Bendett & McHugh, PC, as Trustee”. The mortgagor has the right to redeem the premises at any time prior to the sale by paying the full amount owed under the mortgage, including the costs and expenses of the sale. Other terms will be announced during the sale. DATE: July 19, 2021 By: __ / s / Rachel K. Ljunggren__ Rachel K. Ljunggren, Esq. Bendett and McHugh, PO Box 270 Farmington Avenue, Ste. 151 Farmington, CT 06032

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