Melbourne Metropolitan Estate Agent of the Year Awards Review @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

You’ve been invited to the Melbourne Metropolitan Real Estate Agent of the Year Awards 2022, hosted by two of Melbourne’s top comedians, Frankie McNair and Alice Tovey, and it’s an invitation you won’t want to refuse.

No two nights of this wacky show are alike, with a tight premise holding this delightful train wreck together, the show is what it says on the box; an awards night celebrating Melbourne’s best (a debatable term in this case) in real estate – with the nominees performed by a rotating lineup of guests from across the festival.

Hosts of the evening, Frankie and Alice keep the fire contained as needed, while gently and deftly stoking the flames as their guests attempt to wreak havoc and burn down the late-night trades hall. It’s the kind of wild comedy you come to the festival to experience, taking a moment of madness as the audience and the show’s hosts absolutely lose it to the antics unfolding around them. The banter between the two hosts is top-notch, quick and witty jabs erupt from Alice, while Frankie delivers hilariously excellent physicality to complete the joke between the two.

Hitting his stride as the first guest arrives, the audience is regaled when Tim Clark arrives on stage as ‘Timmy Bags’, a slimy, chaotic, drug-addicted property/property tycoon – bound to anyone has already had to visit a rental property themselves. Tim is brilliant – he’s just a ridiculous human who plays terrible characters incredibly well, if you’re lucky enough to have a guest even half as good as Tim when you head to the show, you’re in for a treat. The next guest is the character from ‘House’, a loose concept delivered curtly by Emma Holland. The character doesn’t exactly work well but the determination to persist with the bit makes this attempt incredibly endearing. Alongside the excellent chaotic energy coming from Tim’s coked “Timmy,” Emma’s “House” is the breathing moment the crowd needs.

Running a little under the promised runtime, I certainly wanted more from this ridiculously fun take on a late-night panel of characters. Hopefully, as the season progresses, a few more games or segments are added, because it’s only right that the crowds have time to marinate in the chaos of this unique, terrifying and insane awards night. One of those shows you have to catch to experience the special kind of comedy magic that only happens at festival time.

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