Meet Abdul Siddiqi, the real estate agent with a keen eye for identifying promising investments

There is no quick and easy way to earn a lot of money. Get-rich-quick schemes that promise high returns on small sums are shady deals that leave people in poorer states. Those who have long been familiar with wealth management and accumulation know that investing wisely takes time and effort; often complex methods are required to identify profitable and sound investment vehicles.

For most seasoned investors, real estate is the most effective way to grow their money gradually and steadily. This is why millionaires and billionaires around the world keep much of their wealth in real estate.

Just because it’s the best option for wealth management doesn’t mean it’s risk-free. Like any other investment, real estate has inherent financial risks. For novice investors, getting started in real estate requires solid advice and methods.

For Abdul Siddiqi, real estate is the gateway to unlimited wealth and abundance reserved for the rich and the connoisseur. His journey in the real estate industry began as a real estate agent, working to master the art of closing deals between sellers and buyers. It was early in his career that he saw the high returns his clients were realizing through real estate investing. He realized that he had what it takes to succeed in this type of investment vehicle.

Abdul spent 16 years mastering the ins and outs of real estate, and very quickly developed a knack for identifying properties that would offer the highest returns. He started making small investments, learning invaluable lessons and insights with each transaction, which eventually led him to take on bigger projects.

Over the past two years, Abdul has become an expert in finding and identifying distressed single family homes and multi-family properties. Abdul would come to buy and rehabilitate the properties. Depending on the market and the property, Abdul and his team would flip the properties or keep them for their portfolio.

Since embarking on real estate investments, Abdul has owned, managed, traded and developed nearly $100 million in properties. When asked what his secret was to making a name for himself in real estate, Abdul said: “The key to my success is having both first-hand experience and knowledge of all aspects of real estate. From purchasing to brokerage, development and lending, I know how every job should be done. I can understand all aspects of the transaction and help add the correct value to an asset knowing what will yield the best return.

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