Lagos government suspends development of estates without planning approval, warns land buyers

The Lagos State government has suspended development of subdivisions without required planning approval, in the area designated as Sapata Village Excision, near Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lekki, Lagos State.

The Commissioner for Spatial Planning and Urban Development, Dr Idris Salako informed Alausa when he received a situation report from the area in his office.

He noted that in order to take advantage of the regional road project, the developers had embarked on rapid and indiscriminate development of areas in violation of state planning laws.

His words: “I have said over and over again that we have to put an end to the horrible situation in which planning has to drive out development, unlike the other way around.

“As a result, developments around this corridor must be controlled to prevent another slum from popping up in the state, as any unplanned development in the region will ultimately nullify the expected benefits of the regional road.”

Salako revealed that the areas in the FGC village of Sapata, to the right of Harries Drive, from the VGC junction to the lagoon, urgently need to present their approvals, including planning certificates, permits planning and milestones, or immediately resort to the appropriate government agencies for these; otherwise, no further development would be permitted in these areas.

He added that all hands should be on the bridge to achieve an orderly, organized, livable and sustainable physical environment as envisioned by the Lagos State Development Program.

The commissioner reiterated that buyers and potential buyers of real estate should be wary of estates or properties without approval so as not to jeopardize their investment.

“It is important that buyers and potential buyers of real estate apply for the necessary development approvals, planning permission and proof of milestone certification for the affected property before committing their hard-earned resources,” said he pointed out.

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