Jennifer Coolidge’s realtor welcomes you to ‘The Watcher’ in the first teaser for Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series

This glorious Friday morning, we have five words for you – Jennifer Coolidge as a real estate agent. Let this glorious casting choice take hold. This is one of the main attractions of The Observer, the upcoming Netflix series from Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan about a family of new homeowners who come to realize that their new neighborhood is far from welcoming. We’re talking about unfinished basements, creepy neighbors who won’t stay on their property, and undisclosed nightmares that Coolidge, as an agent, “forgot” to disclose. And we have the first teaser for what is sure to be your new TV obsession.

Rather than just a trailer, The ObserverThe teaser is designed to look more like a home video tour like you would find on Zillow. “Looks like butcher block, doesn’t it?” Karen (Coolidge) says in the video as she pats a counter. “No. This is made of spa wood. She then takes a bite out of a cookie and immediately spits it out because this woman is clearly not eating carbs.

Seconds later, she points to the natural light in the master bedroom but refuses to open the curtains. “There are a lot of weird neighbors there. You don’t want them looking at you, that’s for sure,” Karen said before looking grimly at the camera. The world always needs more Jennifer Coolidge, and this is Coolidge pic.

It’s also the perfect source for Murphy and Brennan. The Observer is based on the disturbing true story of 657 Boulevard. When Derek and Maria Broaddus bought their home in Westfield, NJ, they thought they had found the perfect home. It wasn’t long before it became a living nightmare. The Broaddus received letter after letter from someone known as “The Watcher”. In those letters, The Watcher repeatedly mentioned the filling of 657 Boulevard with “young blood” – a reference to the children of the Broaddus – and implied there were things hidden within the walls.

In addition to Coolidge, The Observer on Netflix will star Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts as Dean and Nora Brannock, our fictional landlords. As in real life, their dream come true quickly turns to hell thanks to their strange older neighbor Pearl (Mia Farrow), her brother Jasper (Terry Kinney) who loves to sneak into the Brannocks’ dumbwaiter, and their nosy neighbors Mitch (Richard Kind) and Mo (Margo Martindale).

You read all those names correctly. It’s a series that is positively brimming with talent. In addition to these stars, The Observer stars Joe Mantello (normal heart)Noma Dumezweni (Cancellation, made for love), Christopher McDonald (Thelma & Louise, Hacks), Michel Nouri (Cache), Isabel Gravit (Small fires everywhere), Henry Hunter Hall (Harriet) and Luke David Blumm (The King of Staten Island). Alexis Martin Woodall, Eric Kovtun, Bryan Unkeless, Eric Newman, Paris Barclay, Naomi Watts, Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost and Scoop Wasserstein will also serve as executive producers alongside Murphy and Brennan. But that’s not all this Netflix announcement has given us.

In addition to the teaser, there’s, which links to the teaser, and a Zillow listing for 657 Boulevard. Yes it’s beautiful. Yes, this basement is pure terror incarnate. And yes, Karen’s pained smile proves that Coolidge will thrive in this role. Tudum, Netflix’s self-information site, even ran an article about Karen. Truly we are blessed.

At this time, we don’t know when this new Murphy and Brennan show will air. But know that we’ll be obsessively following this one like a suburban neighborhood stalks NextDoor. Check out the teaser above.

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