Former Chief Justice SK Sinha sued for land fraud

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has now prosecuted former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha for abusing the power of his position and securing the allocation of land to Rajdhani Unnayan Kartipakkha (Rajuk).

SK Sinha, who now lives abroad, also faces charges of illegally accumulating wealth.

The corruption watchdog previously filed a complaint against the former chief justice in 2019 for embezzlement of Tk4 crore from Farmers Bank (now Padma Bank), fraud and forgery. October 21 has been set for the verdict in the case.

In the new case, ACC accuses SK Sinha of fraudulently acquiring assets worth Tk 7.14 crore on behalf of other people – his relatives in particular. However, no Rajuk official has been charged in this case.

ACC deputy director Gulshan Anwar Pradhan filed the case with the organization’s integrated district office, Dhaka-1 on Thursday.

ACC Secretary Dr Md Anowar Hossain Howlader said the case was filed because the allegations against SK Sinha were proven in an ACC investigation.

When asked why no Rajuk official had been charged, he said if anyone was involved in the investigation, he would be charged.

According to the case report, SK Sinha had previously received land in his name from Rajuk, in the residential area of ​​Uttara.

He later allegedly secured a three-katha plot in Rajuk’s Purbachal Project on behalf of his brother Narendra Kumar Sinha, using his power and influence. Likewise, he upgraded the plot to a five katha plot.

Apparently, by transferring the land from Purbachal, SK Sinha obtained a land approved by Rajuk in Sector 4 of Uttara and paid a total of Tk 75 lakh for it. He then later built a 9-story apartment building on the plot.
The statement further noted that the investigation found that the cost of constructing the house was over Tk 6.31 crore, according to a neutral engineer report.

As such, the cost of constructing the building, including the price of the land, amounts to over Tk 7.6 crore. Of this amount, he received 70 lakh Tk in advance from Khaleda Chowdhury against the sale of an apartment.
Apart from this amount, he deposited the remaining over Tk 6.36 crore on behalf of Shankhajit Singh, a person known to SK Sinha.

In other words, he is accused that SK Sinha acquired assets worth over Tk 7.14 crore on behalf of his brother and relatives, abusing the power of his office and position. By transferring and converting the money illegally earned using the accounts of various people for the purpose of legalizing the amount, SK Sinha committed an offense punishable under the Anti-Corruption Commission Act and the Prevention Act money laundering, the statement said.

Indictment against Nazmul Huda for filing a false complaint against SK Sinha

The ACC on Thursday approved an indictment against former communications minister, attorney Nazmul Huda, for allegedly filing a complaint against former judge SK Sinha using false information.

In February 2020, ACC Director Syed Iqbal Hossain filed a complaint after Nazmul Huda’s corruption allegation against SK Sinha was found to be “false”.

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