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An Eastern Kentucky real estate agent is charged with fraud and money laundering, federal court records show.  (Getty Pictures)

An Eastern Kentucky real estate agent is charged with fraud and money laundering, federal court records show. (Getty Pictures)

A Morgan County real estate agent has been federally charged with fraud and money laundering after he obtained nearly $170,000 in bank loans under false pretences so he could pay off debts to other people and cover expenses. business account deficits, according to court records.

A federal grand jury alleges that Richard Rednour II committed fraud and laundering after incurring more than $1 million in debt and using illegally obtained loans to try to cover the costs.

Rednour is accused of participating in schemes to obtain $169,357 from First National Bank by putting false reasoning and financial information on loan applications, according to court documents.

Rednour was a real estate agent who negotiated real estate transactions and performed other property management and maintenance services at the time of the incidents, according to court documents.

He owned shares in and controlled various business entities, including Rednour and Associates Inc., The Appalachian Group and the New Leaf Group, all of which had different accounts that Rednour held through Whitaker Bank, according to court records.

Rednour racked up much of the debt through land purchases and loans from private lenders, according to court documents. He also took money from an escrow account and then used money from a loan to make up the shortfall in the account.

In March 2014, Rednour agreed to purchase 63 acres of land in Morgan County for $1 million, paying more than $22,000 at closing and more than $977,000 in remaining costs in monthly payments, according to court records.

Monthly payments were to begin years after the contract was signed. Rednour also agreed to pay taxes, assessments and other fees related to the land he purchased, according to court documents.

Years later, in 2018 and 2019, Rednour was still in possession of the land and owed more than $900,000 to those he bought it from, according to the indictment.

Indictment: Realtor lied in loan applications to cover debts

After running into debt, Rednour obtained two loans from the First National Bank of Grayson which totaled approximately $169,000. A loan was requested in 2018 for approximately $120,000 in his and his wife’s name, according to the indictment.

He said the purpose of the loan was to pay credit card debt and operating expenses stemming from a contract between his company and the Kentucky Housing Corporation, court records show.

Another loan was requested and approved in 2019 for around $49,000, according to court records. The loan was requested on behalf of New Leaf Group, and Rednour said the loan was a cash refinance for “working capital”.

In support of the claim, court documents indicate that Rednour submitted a personal financial statement that claimed ownership of a farm located in the plots of land he had previously purchased.

Rednour borrowed money from private lenders that he did not disclose in loan applications, according to court documents. A personal financial statement understated and omitted hundreds of thousands of dollars owed by Rednour to other private lenders, according to court documents.

Court documents indicate that in doing this, Rednour knowingly attempted to execute a scheme by submitting false information to the bank.

Estate agent accused of using loans to cover receivership default

Rednour is accused of transferring money from three different Whitaker Bank accounts in an attempt to conceal loans as the source of money he was using to pay off what he owed in an escrow account for certain real estate transactions, according to court records.

Rednour had previously accepted payments from a person buying property in Stanton and placed the individual’s payments in escrow to be held until the transaction was completed. But Rednour withdrew the money from the account and spent it on other transactions, according to court records. The account was then short of the money needed for the real estate sale.

Rednour allegedly used money from a bank loan to cover the shortage, and did so by transferring money from three different Whitaker Bank accounts in an attempt to disguise loans as the source of money he was using to repay what he owed on the account, according to court records.

A case listed in court records describes Rednour concealing and disguising the nature, location, source, ownership and source of proceeds of a transfer of $23,000 from a Whitaker Bank account to the escrow account on January 2 2019.

Rednour faces up to 60 years in prison for the five counts and fines of up to $1,750,000. He could also have up to 11 years of probation in total.

Rednour is scheduled to appear in federal court in Lexington on October 11, according to court records.

Taylor Six is ​​the criminal justice reporter at the Herald-Leader. She was born and raised in Lexington at Lafayette High School. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2018 with a degree in journalism. She previously worked as a government reporter for the Richmond Register.

Property Tax Sale 2022 – Haida Gwaii Observer Mon, 19 Sep 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Village of Masset: Sale of property tax 2022

List of land and/or improvements for sale at public auction to be held in Council Chambers, Municipal Hall, 1686 Main Street, Masset, BC, beginning at 10 a.m. Monday, September 26, 2022.

The fixed price includes all overdue, arrears and current taxes plus interest/penalties and cost of sale for taxes, until September 26, 2022.

CONDITIONS: CASH. The Buyer must pay the full purchase price immediately in cash after being declared the successful bidder, or the collector will immediately put the plot back up for sale.

Tax auction bidders must attend the tax auction in person.

The highest bidder above the bid price will be the buyer. If there is no bid above the starting price, the one who bids the starting price is declared the buyer. In the absence of a bid equal to the starting price or of absence of a bid, the municipality is declared the buyer in accordance with the Municipalities Act.


Owners of the aforementioned land and/or improvements have until 10 a.m., Monday, September 26, 2022 to pay overdue taxes plus interest to remove their land and/or improvements from the Tax Sale.

Jo Ann Brown

Tax collector


Luxe Listings Sydney estate agent Evan James Williams hit with extra charges Sun, 18 Sep 2022 04:46:56 +0000

The Luxe Listings estate agent faces new charges after he was fired from his job for a ‘work altercation’ and accused of assaulting his famous florist wife and throwing chili powder in her face

  • Luxury estate agent Evan James Williams hit with extra charges
  • He was previously accused of assaulting his ex-wife Kashaya Williams
  • Williams was accused of throwing chili powder in her face while cooking in 2005
  • He pleaded not guilty to seven criminal charges after the row with his wife
  • The new charges are not related to an ex-wife and Williams has pleaded not guilty

A former Luxe Listings star who was suspended from her job in luxury real estate and accused of assaulting his ex-wife has been hit with additional charges.

Evan James Williams has been removed from his role by the Rubenstein group after an altercation during a group photo with colleagues in June.

He was charged with seven crimes in the same month over allegations he assaulted his estranged wife Kashaya Williams for 15 years.

Police have since brought three additional charges against the estate agent, but they do not relate to Ms Williams.

Sydney luxury estate agent Evan James Williams (pictured), who starred in the hit TV show Luxe Listings and was accused of assaulting his ex-wife Kashaya Williams, has been hit with additional charges

It is alleged in court documents that Ms Williams (pictured) told police she was cooking a meal in the kitchen when her husband started yelling at her in 2005

It is alleged in court documents that Ms Williams (pictured) told police she was cooking a meal in the kitchen when her husband started yelling at her in 2005

They include taking actions that result in emotional or intellectual harm; intentionally stalking or intimidating fear or physical injury; and common assault, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Williams has pleaded not guilty to the handful of new charges as well as the seven in the case involving his estranged wife.

Ms Williams is a well-known Double Bay florist and has worked on various celebrity weddings, including that of bachelor couple Anna and Tim Robards.

It is alleged in court documents that Ms Williams told police she was cooking a meal in the kitchen when her husband started yelling at her in 2005.

She alleged that Williams threw chili powder at her “face and neck” until it was “red” and “caused her pain”.

Police alleged in court papers that Ms Williams was pushed against a wall by her husband when she accused him of having an affair in 2014.

Ms Williams (pictured) is a well-known Double Bay florist and has worked on various celebrity weddings, including that of single couple Anna and Tim Robards

Ms Williams (pictured) is a well-known Double Bay florist and has worked on various celebrity weddings, including that of single couple Anna and Tim Robards

She alleged that Williams put his hands around her neck, squeezed her and only let go when she bit and pushed him away.

Ms Williams reported the allegations to Rose Bay Police before her husband showed up at Waverley Police Station on June 3.

He was slapped with a provisionally apprehended domestic and personal violence order that prevented him from coming within 200 yards of her.

The couple would no longer be with Williams living in a property in Randwick.

The charges against Williams include common assault, intimidation and assault causing bodily harm.

Property insiders told Sydney Confidential that Williams (pictured) was suspended from his job after becoming

Property insiders told Sydney Confidential that Williams (pictured) was suspended from his job after becoming ‘verbally aggressive’ towards other estate agents

He pleaded not guilty at Waverley Court House in Sydney on June 16.

Real estate insiders told Sydney Confidential that Williams was suspended from his job after becoming “verbally aggressive” towards other estate agents.

“He thought they were pinching what he thought were his lists,” one claimed.

Insiders claimed Williams had a rivalry with the sales teams of Cae Thomas and Jye Emdur, prompting TRG founder Gavin Rubenstein to take action.

“He got his status a bit wrong after he appeared on Luxe Listings,” an insider said.

How to become a real estate agent | in man Fri, 16 Sep 2022 22:44:42 +0000

According to current Zippa estimates, more than 156,622 real estate agents are employed in the United States, and the industry is growing despite the unpredictability the career can bring. But like any worthwhile endeavor, if you’re creative, tenacious, and willing to put in the work, the job can be yours. So how do you know if a career as a real estate agent is right for you and what it takes to get there? Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

6 steps to becoming a real estate agent

Understand the requirements of your state

A common question: What are the requirements to be a real estate agent? The answer varies from state to state, as licensing requirements are different. Typically, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, take the real estate courses, and pass the exam. Some states require completion of pre-licensing courses and passing the exam within a few weeks. In other states, college-level pre-licensing courses are required with a minimum number of hours. Read on for more useful information.

Take pre-licensing courses

License qualification requirements vary from state to state, guided by that state’s real estate commission. They usually involve fees for an application, course registration, exam registration, and a criminal background check. Courses are normally offered in a variety of formats ranging from distance learning to in-person training, with a minimum number of timed hours. Visit your state’s real estate commission website for proper guidance on taking pre-licensing courses.

Pass the licensing exam

Pre-licensing students should contact their state real estate commission before scheduling the licensing exam. In addition to fees for pre-licensing courses, new agents should expect to pay fees for each real estate licensing exam. Exams are computer-based and cover general national real estate principles and practices and state-specific real estate laws. Although you will probably pass with flying colors the first time, if you fail you can retake the exam. Again, rules vary from state to state, but there is generally no limit to the number of times you can take the exam before passing. Additionally, you will likely need to take your real estate licensing exam in person.

Activate your real estate license

After you pass your exam, submit an application along with the required documents and fees to your state’s real estate commission. Once your license is approved, you will receive it by mail.

Consider becoming a real estate agent

So, what is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate agent? All real estate agents are licensed by the state, but not all real estate agents are real estate agents. A realtor pays dues to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and is entitled to the benefits of membership, including access to different transaction management technologies and services; access to health, dental and personal property insurance; banking services; and discounts.

Realtors also have access to NAR training programs, statistics and research. NAR advocates politically on behalf of real estate agents: its lobby group is considered one of the most powerful in the country. And the association has developed a code of ethics and standards of practice, requiring real estate agents to complete their training requirement every three years. Realtors must complete ethics training of at least two hours and 30 minutes of instruction time and this can be completed through NAR’s online courses or another method, such as courses online or in class through local/state associations.

Join a real estate agency

A real estate agent must find a sponsoring broker to oversee his sales. Some new agents choose to find sponsoring brokers before taking the licensing exam; others wait until they pass the exam to find sponsoring brokers and some become real estate agents.

How much does it cost to become a real estate agent?

In addition to the aforementioned costs of pre-licensing courses and exams, there are several other costs associated with becoming a real estate agent. These include multiple listing or association service fees, errors and omissions insurance, safety deposit boxes, annual brokerage accounting fees and brokerage equipment fees, for supplies such as badges and orientation binders. And you need to spend money to grow your business in real estate for transportation, a cell phone, a marketing budget, office supplies, and a lead generation budget.

How long does it take to start making money as a real estate agent?

Some ask the question: How long does it take to start doing real estate? The median annual salary for real estate brokers was $62,010 in May 2021, while the median annual salary for real estate agents was $48,340, according to
the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. But getting there takes time. Many agents may start out slow, earn a lower salary, but can more than double their earnings after the first year. After hitting the pavement for six months with no progress, consider tapping into other resources, like joining a team or networking with builders and lenders.

Do I need a broker?

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a broker?

Real estate brokers are also licensed by the state. Licensing requirements are more stringent for real estate brokers than for agents, but these requirements also vary from state to state. You usually need to work between one and three years as an agent before you can become a broker.

What should I know about my sponsoring broker?

New agents should ask their sponsoring brokers about the training and support the broker offers – for example, mentoring or shadowing more experienced agents. New agents will also want to ask about monthly brokerage office fees and commission splits they can expect in their first two years on the job. Other questions to ask include additional fees, such as transaction fees and association dues; marketing or advertising options, such as what the brokerage will provide; office culture and environment; referral policies; information about regular sales meetings; and how receptionists handle and distribute phone calls are all good things to know about your potential new brokerage.

Will I be considered a brokerage employee or an independent contractor?

It depends on the brokerage. Some brokerages offer employee salaries and benefits. However, most brokerages hire real estate agents as independent contractors. This could mean that your health insurance coverage and other benefits that are typically paid for by full-time employers could be considered your responsibility.

What should I do to get clients?

Know your strengths and weaknesses and act on that knowledge

If you make friends easily and have no problem approaching new people, but aren’t very good at marketing, you might want to look for a sponsoring broker who can help you market yourself, but who is relatively passive when it comes to generating new leads (finding new customers).

On the other hand, if you’re an introvert who finds it difficult to strike up conversations with people you don’t know very well, but are good at writing copy and developing a marketing plan, then your sponsoring broker ideal will help you with lead generation or referrals, but will allow you to manage your own marketing. Be sure to check out other agents’ abilities to leverage social media to help post their names and rosters, with offerings like podcasts, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

You will need to be able to advise on market conditions and listing price, organize open houses, prepare documents and manage negotiations for your clients. Emotions can run high, so this will help you learn problem-solving skills and soothe ruffled feathers.

Choose the right technology

There are hundreds of technology tools available to make your job as an agent easier. These include tools to help you manage your lead generation, client documents, listing videos, listing photos, open houses, business marketing, and many more. How do you know which technology is best for you? Choose the tools you will use. If there is a free version or demo available, try it out before you commit to spending money on anything.

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Best Bad Credit Loans and No Credit Check Loans with Guaranteed Approval in 2022 Thu, 15 Sep 2022 20:41:00 +0000

Best Loans for Bad Credit: Get No Credit Check Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Unless you can see the future, you cannot predict an emergency. So if a financial emergency arises and you are not well prepared, you will need a reliable solution to help you get through the trouble. At times like these, most people turn to quick loans. But it can be difficult to get an emergency loan if you’re struggling with bad credit.

Fortunately, no credit check loans are available to provide a convenient and safe way for people with bad credit to borrow money quickly on short notice.

Here are the best places where you can borrow no credit check loans with guaranteed approval.

  1. Problematic loans in the United States – Best overall for bad loans
  2. WeLoans – Ideal for small bad loans with guaranteed approval
  3. CocoLoan – Ideal for same day loans without a credit check
  4. iPaydayLoans – Ideal for bad loans with fast approval
  5. American Installment Loans – Ideal for same day installment loans with guaranteed approval
  6. Loans for bad credit in UK – Ideal for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval in the UK
  7. Quick Payday Loans – Ideal for easy and fast bad loans in UK
  8. Easy Payday Loans – Ideal for no credit check loans with guaranteed approval
  9. Unit loan – Ideal for easy and fast bad loans with guaranteed approval
  10. honest loans – Ideal for same day loans without credit check with fast approval

Bad Credit Loans USA – Best for Small Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval

If your poor credit is preventing you from getting financial help when you need it, you should check Problematic loans in the United States. The platform has an excellent reputation for connecting borrowers with bad credit to lenders who will lend up to $5,000 without a credit check and on the same day.

The company partners with direct lenders who are reliable and trustworthy and who are ready to work with you to find a financial product that meets your needs. If you meet their reasonable requirements, they will offer you online loans regardless of your credit rating. There are dozens of lenders offering different types of loans. payday loans, title loans, installment loans, etc.


  • Dozens of reliable and trustworthy direct lenders
  • Quick approval and funding
  • Online and automated application process
  • Bad credit is considered

The inconvenients

  • Lenders can perform soft credit checks.

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WeLoans – Best Overall for Bad Loans

WeLoans is arguably the best online platform for bad loans. Although fairly new to the market, it quickly caught on and became a household name in the United States. This allows borrowers with not-so-stellar credit to easily access loans from some of the most reputable lenders in the country.

WeLoans partners with a large number of direct lenders who can provide different loans, including title loans, payday loans, and personal loans for bad credit. The site strives to ensure that borrowers who are looking for urgent loans get their money as quickly as possible to help them with their needs.

To access a loan, all you have to do is complete a simple online form which is then immediately distributed to several lenders. These lenders review the application and get back to you within minutes with offers. Once you have settled on a lender, you will receive your money as quickly as the same day.


  • Reliable and reputable lenders
  • Easy to use platform
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast and direct funds transfer

The inconvenients

  • You may need to provide proof of income to qualify

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CocoLoan – Best for same day loans with no credit check

CocoLoan is another great platform that connects borrowers with direct lenders that offer different types of loans without credit checks. If you have a financial emergency, this platform can connect you with lenders who will lend you up to 35,000% without a credit check and on the same day.

To get instant access to multiple lenders, just go to the CocoLoan site, complete and submit the simple online form, and you’ll start receiving offers right away. Start by reviewing each offer you receive to find the one that best suits your needs.

Once you have chosen your offer, you can respond to the lender and discuss the terms. You will receive your money quickly once you sign an agreement. Quick, easy and effortless.


  • Practical – 100% online services
  • Dozens of reputable and reliable lenders
  • Effortless application, quick approval
  • Bad credit may qualify

The inconvenients

  • Some lenders may require proof of source of income.

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Factors to consider when looking for the best loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval


Before applying for a loan, check your eligibility and their requirements. Even though payday lenders approve of low credit, some require a minimum FICO score of 620. You also need to consider your debt-to-equity ratio, which is your monthly expenses compared to your income. Lenders require borrowers to have a stable income to ensure timely repayments.

Interest charges

When you borrow money, the interest rate is crucial. Compare the minimum rates to see if they are reasonable. Also check your credit score because generally better credit means lower interest rates. bad lenders could offer fixed and non-variable interest rates. These fixed rates can remain constant for the duration of the loan, while variable rates are adjustable.

Terms and conditions

Before signing the contract, it is always advisable to read between the lines. Read carefully and make sure that the terms spelled out on the contract are favorable to your needs and you won’t have any problems with them during the repayment period.

Other expenses

Different lenders have different fees associated with the loans offered. For example, some lenders have initiation fees, processing fees, late payment fees, NSF check penalties, etc. Make sure you understand all the expected fees before signing the contract, so that there are no surprises in the future.

Last word

There aren’t many options available for people with bad credit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the help you need when you’re in a financial emergency. We have compiled these platforms to help you see some of the possibilities available that you can use when needed.

Chicago’s top luxury real estate agent, Rafael Murillo, is making waves in the industry with his solution-focused approach Thu, 15 Sep 2022 05:54:01 +0000

Rafael Murillo takes over as head of the RM Luxury Group, one of Chicago’s leading real estate teams for high-end luxury homes. Rafael has been widely commended in various industry awards and has a long list of satisfied, high-profile clients, including CEOs and professional athletes.

Rafael Murillo, one of Chicago’s most successful and sought-after luxury real estate agents, continues to earn global recognition for providing exemplary service to high profile clients through the RM Luxury Group, a leader in luxury real estate sector in Chicago.

Rafael is known for offering a solution-oriented approach, which he describes as a desire to become every client’s luxury realtor for life in Chicago.

“My mission has been to provide strategic advice, creative solutions, ethical advice and dynamic services while empowering clients through real estate. That remained unchanged,” says Rafael.

Rafael is well known for creating strategic marketing campaigns and social media buzz for homes by crafting a compelling story that not only promotes the property, but also the lifestyle and images the home conveys.

Jason C., a verified client, describes Rafael’s social media marketing as “stellar”, saying he constantly brings innovative ideas to the table.

“Working in the real estate industry means that I meet good and bad agents every day. After connecting with Rafael through a networking group, I’m delighted to say that I think I’ve found one of His social media marketing is stellar and he has innovative ideas for the future of the industry,” Jason wrote in a review on Yelp.

Charlie R., another verified customer, says he knows that every time he calls on Rafael, he’s able to receive “personal, caring service” and work with the best in the business.

“He works really hard for his clients, treating every buyer or seller as if they were his only client. For this reason, I have referred him to my friends. Working with Rafael is like working with the best in the business. “industry. I’m thrilled to see how successful he has been, never taking his eyes off his customers,” Charlie wrote.

Also known for being responsive and incredibly knowledgeable, Rafael works throughout the Chicago area, including the suburbs, where he assists buyers, sellers, and renters in all housing types and at all price points.

Rafael recently led the way by securing one of Chicago’s highest luxury condo deals at the St Regis Chicago. Upon completion, it became the third tallest building in the city and the tallest structure designed by a woman.

Those who want an exclusive look inside great listings and great luxury condos in Chicago or check out Rafael Murillo can visit

Media Contact
Company Name: RM Luxury Group
Contact person: Raphael Murillo
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 312-375-4199
Address:20 W Kinzie Street, 15th Floor
Town: Chicago
State: IT 60654
Country: United States

Cinema closes amid ownership changes | Herald Community Newspapers Thu, 15 Sep 2022 04:00:00 +0000

Merrick Cinemas V, on Broadcast Plaza in Merrick, has closed, just five years after opening.

The movie theater, at 15 Fisher Ave. – at the entrance to the square – has been in operation there for about 20 years. It reopened under its most recent owner, Dean Theodorous, in October 2017.

At the end of August, its signage and its cinema posters were dismantled, and replaced by a simple message: “Theater closed. Goodbye, Merrick.

According to a statement on the theater’s website, the lease on the property expires and the building is to be sold. “Despite our efforts to keep the theater open, the new buyers were unwilling to provide us with a new lease,” the statement said.

Merrick Chamber of Commerce board member Joe Baker said that at one time there were three movie theaters in town. Baker owned the brown-colored house, where he had a cafe in the 80s and 90s, alongside what was then a catering business, before it became a movie theatre.

When Merrick Cinemas V suddenly closed, it came as a shock to many, including Baker. “It’s interesting,” he said. “Sad, but interesting.”

According to Loop Net, an online marketplace for commercial properties, the cinema is for sale, listed at $2.2 million by Cresa, a commercial real estate company. The highlight of the site’s investment, according to the website, is its proximity to the Merrick Long Island Rail Road station, making it an “excellent development opportunity”. Loop Net says the property is under contract, but does not say who is trying to acquire it.

Baker said he saw movie theater seats being moved into a tractor-trailer behind the theater on Fisher Avenue, likely indicating that whoever acquires the property would no longer operate it as a movie theater.

He added that he guessed he could not say with certainty that a developer might seek to replace the theater with a multi-storey property, with retail on the ground floor and housing above.

There have been two notable proposals for apartment complexes in Bellmore over the past year: one to replace a closed Citibank branch on Bedford Avenue, and the other to replace the old Temple Beth El on Bellmore Road. A question repeatedly raised by residents is where apartment dwellers would park their vehicles if the existing parking space at both locations proves to be insufficient.

If an apartment proposal is in the works for the closed cinema, it will need to be approved by the town of Hempstead, Baker said, to ensure there is enough parking space.

The cinema, he added, was well placed. Even though the lots in front are intended for commuter parking during weekday working hours, the city has allowed the theater to operate in the plaza since most people go to the movies in the evenings or on weekends. Broadcast Plaza intersects with Merrick Avenue, where most of Merrick’s local stores are located. There is additional parking behind the theater on Fisher Avenue for shoppers and, until now, theatergoers.

The theater was known for its low prices and as a favorite venue for private events, such as birthday parties.

“It was terribly shocking,” Vicki Ferretti wrote to the Herald in a Facebook post. “We were there just a few weeks ago, and there was no indication that they were closing. Such a shame – the prices were great and they had just redone the theater, adding reclining seats.

Some agreed with Baker that an apartment complex could be in the site’s future. Yvette Novo-Scamardella wrote that she thought the property “could be rezoned for residential use”. “Honestly, I’m saddened by this,” she added of the theater’s closure. “It was a nice place to take your kids.”

Others in the area said they hope Cinemas V’s disappearance was not an indication that other nearby cinemas may also be closing. “It’s sad,” Wendy Shatz said. “I hope this doesn’t happen at the Bellmore Playhouse.”

With many people watching movies these days on streaming services, like Netflix and Disney+, Shatz added, “that can’t help theaters” stay open.

Theodorous thanked Merrick and neighboring communities for their support over the past five years. He said he was “deeply saddened” that the community lost its local theatre. “Our amazing employees,” he added, “will be part of our family forever.”

Real Estate – SLAPP – Land Litigation Wed, 14 Sep 2022 19:09:07 +0000

Court of Appeal

September 14, 2022

When two plaintiffs sued for abuse of process and intentional infliction of emotional distress against scorer defendants who sued them in land court, a judge’s decision to dismiss the suit under the statute anti-SLAPP (GLc 231, §59H) should be upheld because the judge did not err or abuse his discretion…

Real estate gag

]]> Time to File Ohio Property Tax Complaints for the 2021 Tax Year Wed, 14 Sep 2022 18:34:58 +0000

The State of Ohio requires counties to reevaluate property tax values ​​every six years. In the meantime, counties are required to update values ​​midway through this cycle. This cycle is not evenly distributed among Ohio’s 88 counties. For the 2021 tax year, four of Ohio’s counties were required to complete a full reassessment and 19 other counties performed a value update. Values ​​for the 2021 tax year have a valuation date of January 1, 2021 and serve as the basis for property tax bills paid in 2022.

It can be difficult for counties to fully understand the specific challenges facing a particular property or type of property. While counties can generally understand market trends, often the mass appraisal process overlooks key factors in valuing a market segment or a single property. It is essential for owners to be proactive and examine any changes in value and determine how potential changes affect property tax expenses.

Property taxes are often the largest non-productive expense incurred by property owners, and proactive management of this expense can result in increased profitability. Now is the time to review your tax assessments to ensure that each property is valued appropriately and that you are paying your fair share, and only your fair share, of the property tax burden. All complaints must be filed by March 31, 2022 to dispute property tax assessments for the 2021 tax year.

Although property tax values ​​may be challenged in any county for the 2021 tax year, the following counties are those required to reassess or update tax values ​​effective January 1 2021:

Reassessment counties Update counties

























Vorys has significant experience analyzing property tax assessments and securing property tax savings for Ohio and nationwide property owners. To discuss an analysis of value opinions assigned by your county auditor, please contact us for a free review.

How India’s property, succession and inheritance laws are rooted in inequality Tue, 13 Sep 2022 13:22:13 +0000

In 1983, a divorced single mother from a wealthy and influential family in Kerala sued her brother for a fair share of the ancestral property of her father, a former imperial entomologist at the British court, who died intestate. At the time, women from Syria’s deeply conservative and close-knit Malabar Nasrani community were barred from inheriting their father’s property, under the Travancore Christian Succession Act of 1916. In 1986, however , Mary Roy won a similar lawsuit against her. brother George, marking a turning point towards gender justice, not only for Christian women, but for all Indian women. Years later, in 2006, Roy, who had by then become an educator, women’s rights activist and ‘Ammu’, the protagonist of her daughter Arundhati Roy’s Booker-winning film The God of Little Things, said she didn’t do it for the “public good.” She did it because she was just “so angry”.

Much has happened since 1986 with regard to women’s land rights. The Hindu Succession Act 1956 and its 2005 amendment gave daughters the right to own and inherit ancestral property. In subsequent verdicts, the Supreme Court (SC) confirmed that the law applied to women born before 2005 as well as those whose fathers died before 2005. Inheritance rights for widows have also been strengthened since 1937, when when it was first introduced.

Much like Roy, however, women in India remain angry.

While Roy was an upper caste woman born into a wealthy family with many ancestral properties (her share amounted to 2 crore rupees, which she later donated to charity), land rights in India affect mainly women from lower social and economic strata. As far as the most marginalized sections are concerned, the successive judgments of the CS and the legislations have not really solved the real problems.

Legal and technical gaps

Since succession, inheritance laws and processes vary from state to state and community to community. Take the case of a state, Gujarat, where, despite Hindu inheritance law, women in urban and rural areas find it more difficult to inherit ancestral lands.

One of the first issues is the lack of legal and digital knowledge regarding inheritance/inheritance rights and laws. Neelam Patel, a lawyer who works with the Working Group for Women and Land Ownership (WGWLO), a consortium of groups working for the land rights of women farmers in Gujarat, says she is aware of land rights and the various documents and processes needed to even get their names registered in the real estate transfer papers, remains largely absent.

“We have been working in Gujarat since 2002, to build the identities and rights of women engaged in agricultural work. We see big gaps in awareness and implementation of inheritance laws and processes,” said Patel, a land rights advocate working with WGWLO. Outlook.

The inheritance process is cumbersome and requires a woman not only to prove that her father/husband/brother is deceased (i.e. a death certificate which women often do not have), but also to provide two witnesses who know her and can vouch for her as related to the deceased. These witnesses, says Patel, are usually susceptible to pressure and bribes from the woman’s male family members or in-laws who might try to cut her out of the inheritance.

Even after a woman managed to collect all the necessary documents and reached a Patwari (junior tax official) with witnesses to have his name recorded for transfer and estate papers, the wife’s parents-in-law or relatives often have it removed in later documents through bribery, falsification or deception.

“In the event of a dispute, the burden of proving ownership of the property generally rests with the woman. If there are other people claiming ownership, it is the woman’s responsibility to collect each of their signatures and Aadhaar details and submit them to the patwari. Many deliberately refuse to give their contact details to delay or hinder the application for inheritance,” says Ashwinbhai Gamit, a community legal worker trained by the consortium to help women facing land disputes in rural areas of Gujarat.

Ashwinbhai, who is part of a network of PLWs working on the ground to increase women’s technical and legal literacy, says the lack of stable internet services or access to smartphones in remote rural areas also hampers the process of online application. He adds that in the villages, patwaris illegally charge anywhere between 5,000 and 30,000 rupees just for making or approving these simple documents.

Lifetime stigma

The social stigma attached to widows and single women also affects the implementation of inheritance laws. “After the death of a husband, a widow’s in-laws use various tactics to keep her away from the property, lest she remarry and leave with her share,” says Parulben Harhadbhai Kolipatel, another PLW of the district of Ahmedabad. She adds that these acts find overall support from the community.

Even after a woman has had her name recorded for transfer and inheritance papers, her relatives often have it removed using bribery, forgery, or deception.

This stigma can even take the form of violence. In tribal areas, the work of paralegals includes campaigning against social evils such as Dayan Prata (witchcraft), which continues to be prevalent in Gujarat and states like Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Adivasi activist Jan Adhikar Manch Aloka Kujur from Ranchi had previously spoken to Outlook on how the Dayan Prata was frequently used as an excuse in Jharkhand to threaten or kill single or elderly women and usurp their property.

Community workers like Parulben who work with widows or socially sensitive cases like inter-caste marriage resulting in property disputes, may themselves face threats from the families of the women they represent. “I have faced such threats from disgruntled in-laws asking me to stay away from a case. This is a problem female paralegals often face. We try to help other women as much as we can. But at the end of the day, it’s the state’s job to provide safety and support. There’s not much we can do at the community level,” he adds. she.

Generational inequalities

Polygamy within certain tribal groups like the Gamits, who are also governed by Hindu succession law and form a significant portion of the population of Gujarat, is another interesting example of the many complexities that land rights activists face. when implementing SC orders on succession and inheritance.

Radhaben, who is from the Gamit community of Gujarat and has been fighting for rights to his ancestral farmland since 2020, raises an interesting question. His great-grandfather had two wives. His grandfather, son of the first wife, also had two wives. His father was the son of the second.

Woman: Artwork of Anupriya

Now, after the death of the great-grandfather in 2018 and his father in 2020, who had no male heirs and died intestate, Radhaben and his two sisters are asked to leave the land of their great -grandfather. In such cases, the applicant must first prove the family tree, which requires Radhaben to obtain documents going back three generations. She also has to seek consent and submit documents for each of the 48 family members disputing the land claims, just to get her name on the papers. Radhaben and his sisters are illiterate and depend on the farm for their survival.

“At that time, the land was bequeathed orally by the elders. The names of my mother and my sisters were not there in the property or varsai papers (inheritance). We don’t have any brothers, so other parents have all united against us because we are women and they think we will give up soon,” she says. Outlook.

If the women of the upper castes get the rawest share of a property contract vis-à-vis their brothers, those of the oppressed castes have no right to property.

Since Hindu marriage law excludes polygamy, the laws relating to the property rights of first and second wives and their offspring are highly nuanced and require the judge to invoke several laws to arrive at a justifiable verdict.

In India, laws governing property, succession and inheritance are rooted in inequality and an oppressive caste system. If the women of the upper castes get the rawest share of a property contract vis-à-vis their brothers, those of the oppressed castes have no right to property. The Manusmriti and other ancient Hindu legal treatises, which laid down these retrograde rules of property, mentioned that the property of upper-caste women who marry out of caste or with lower-caste men would not pass to the lower caste family. , but to his own paternal line, thus keeping the property within the caste group.

Incidentally, the Manusmriti continues to resonate today. Some 400 castes across Gujarat recently demanded that the government legally consider that if a girl marries outside her caste as per her wish, she should not legally inherit parental property.

Among the Dalit families, the issue of succession and inheritance rights over private property is almost irrelevant, as the majority of Scheduled Castes in rural India continue to be landless, with virtually no private property to dispute. . And when they do, surveys show that Dalit women find it more difficult to access legal or social resources due to lack of financial stability, social status and caste discrimination. Critics of India’s “progressive” gender justice movement have noted that land law reforms, like other gender-related reforms, have failed to take women from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes into account.

The work done by NGOs and advocacy groups like WGWLO has led to positive change in Gujarat, where the practice of adding a woman’s name to land records and documents while the father/husband/brother is still alive, and not after their death, was implemented. “The ultimate goal is to make land and land ownership more accessible to women and to strengthen the identity of women farmers. Why wait for the death of the male parent to give women some freedom of action? Transferring land rights to women while the male parent is still alive helps build financial agency and women’s independence from the start,” says Megha, WGWLO Communications Manager. However, change has been slow. The process requires the consent of the in-laws and families of the girls. Megha says most husbands and in-laws refuse immediately.

(This appeared in the print edition as “Such a Long Journey”)