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We are delighted to discuss real estate topics with you month after month! Sandy and I have just completed a refresher course on awareness of the issues that can affect the property you buy. The real estate professionals you work with need to understand these issues.

Anytime you have questions, have a weird feeling in your gut, or notice things that seem odd about the property, you should have the confidence to speak with your real estate agent.

Today we will focus on issues that may seem minor but could affect your ability to finance or even buy the property. Plus, we’ll cover topics you overlooked that came up after you bought the house. Some of these things can make it difficult or expensive to resell your home later.

You buy a house that has a privacy fence or wall. Most people look at this and assume it is on the property line. This may not necessarily be the case and therefore you want a surveyor to confirm the location.

A misplaced structure is problematic. This error can also occur with bushes, a shed or doghouse, or where you park your vehicles. Even the area you mow or garden may not be entirely yours.

Surveys are essential and will determine where the fence is on the property. The wall or garden could be shared; they could be part of what you buy or they could be the neighbors. You need to know before buying the property.

We know of a situation where a wall was purposely built inside the owner’s property so he could stand on the other side to paint it his color. Clever. If that paint color clashes with the color of the neighbor’s house on that side, the neighbor can choose to build their wall and do the same.

And the little crack in the ceiling? He looks small. It could simply be the “settling” of the concrete. It’s probably a small amount to pay. There are no paint bubbles or water spots, so it looks OK. We hear this all the time and with Guam’s concrete roofs, it might not be that unusual.

However, it is crucial that a licensed roofer examine it, as it could be a structural crack. The crack could cause thousands of dollars in damage in the future. Inside most of our ceilings is rebar. These are made of metal and when water seeps into the roof, there may be some chipping over time. Many houses in Guam have ceilings that have not been maintained and the result can be expensive to repair.

These things may seem small but become important and problematic over time.

pest control

Let’s shift our attention to the kitchen cabinet, which has a small trail of termites. Often people think that since it’s small it will be easy to get rid of termites – maybe just a few sprays of insecticide and they’re gone and dead.

It could be a costly mistake. Some species of termites may be in the wood prior to construction or may have entered the house from somewhere outside. These pests are smart. You buy the house, you can’t wait to move in, and you open your new cupboard to start placing your new dishes, and what happens? Three or four sets of cabinets are collapsing because the little trail of termites you saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

Hiring a licensed pest inspector before buying the house could have saved the day.

There are many of these situations we’ve seen over the years – water pooling, bubbling paint, bulging in the driveway, or settling on an extra extension. These things can happen with new or older homes. In retrospect, most people wish they had taken the time to understand and address the situation.

Working with professionals from start to finish will help minimize your problems and give you the confidence you deserve with one of the most important purchases you will ever make.

Duane Pahl and Sandy Yow.

See you next month!

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