EstateX is revolutionizing the future of real estate ownership

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, July 15 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EstateX ($ESX) is revolutionizing the future of real estate ownership and investing, making it simple, affordable and accessible for everyone to invest in real estate and generate passive income with as little than €100.

EstateX will allow anyone to build a real estate portfolio that will earn them regular passive income with instant liquidity and permissionless loans.

Powered by the latest blockchain technology, EstateX will create fractional ownership of real-world real estate investments, making opportunities available to everyone that were previously limited to high net worth institutional and private investors.

EstateX will allow individuals to start building a global residential, commercial, industrial or other real estate portfolio as easy as shopping online from your phone.

Having sold out the previous 3 presale rounds within minutes, EstateX CEO and Founder Thomas Onel said, “We are grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our dedicated community, who share our vision and we will join as we transform the real estate industry by making real estate investing simple, affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

Revolutionized Finance – Making Real Estate Investments Instantly Liquid

Real estate has always been a very illiquid asset. In order to free up money from a real estate investment, whether you sell it outright, redeem, or sell your stake in a private real estate investment or REIT, is a long and expensive process. To accelerate liquidity, investors are often faced with accepting below-market prices or prepayment penalties.

Imagine having your real estate investments so liquid that you can instantly free up the capital locked up in the investment to pay for your everyday goods and services. This means that you will be able to put your money into a real estate investment that gives you passive income, but can instantly make cash to pay for your everyday goods and services at the point of payment. This is what EstateX is working on to make possible.

EstateX Pay unlocks the holy grail of investing.

Powered by the $ESX token, EstateX Pay will allow $ESX token holders to make payments for their everyday goods and services directly with their tokens.

In addition, real estate investors will be able to use the automatic overdraft option. Rather than selling their share of a property to free up cash, investors will be able to get an instant, no-permission loan of up to 75% of the value of their real estate investment.

EstateX will create new opportunities for the everyday person. Instead of keeping their money in the bank where they would lose money due to rising inflation, they will now be able to benefit from investing in real estate with as little as €100, generating passive income themselves while by having instant cash to be able to spend it immediately.

Steven Beckford, co-founder of BeckfordHuss Blockchain Solutions, the marketing team and advisors who contributed to the pre-launch success, said, “It’s time for a decentralized real estate investing platform that will empower people to invest in real estate without requiring a lot of money or a great credit score. We will provide EstateX with the same team, knowledge, experience and networks that helped launch the Victoria VR Token. Our goal is to build on the already passionate community, remembering the original investors who believed in the project from the start We appreciate their continued support and guidance and will reward our community and investors with airdrops, property whitelists, giveaways and special NFTs.

With a clear desire and sense of community around this project, investors rushed to secure their ESX$ tokens in the first rounds of EstateX token presale. With nearly $1 million worth of tokens sold in minutes, investors are rushing to become part of the $ESX ecosystem.

Ronnie Huss of BeckfordHuss Blockchain Solutions said: “Selling the pre-sale towers so quickly is an incredible achievement and a testament to the vision and hard work of the team, as well as the confidence our community has in the project. With the Current market sentiment is extremely remarkable, and a sensible step, given that real estate is a preferred hedge in times of uncertainty.

EstateX is now focused on bringing its innovative real estate investment solution to market. Bart de Bruijn, COO and Founder of EstateX, said: “The success of our pre-sale towers will further strengthen the foundations of our project as we bring our vision to life and prepare to disrupt the future of property investment. and property.

To secure the tokens at the upcoming presale event, investors will need to ensure they are whitelisted.

Click here to join the whitelist now:

About EstateX:

EstateX ($ESX) will revolutionize the real estate industry by establishing an ecosystem for investors, developers and owners to participate in real estate through fractional investment ownership.

Through the tokenization of real estate investments registered on the blockchain, EstateX will be able to offer fractional and decentralized ownership of real world real estate investments, opening up opportunities that were previously limited to high net worth institutional and private investors and making this possible. for anyone to build a real estate portfolio that earns them regular passive income with as little as $100.





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