Chattanooga Commercial Realtor Steve Hunt Starts His Own Business

After more than three decades of working with the late Jim Berry and his heirs on many of Chattanooga’s most prominent office redevelopments, commercial real estate agent Steve Hunt has established his own brokerage and commercial real estate business known as by Hunt CRE.

Hunt, who has worked as a commercial real estate agent for 33 years and has developed offices, commercial properties and even a pair of residential properties, said he will focus in his new venture on representing third-party clients wishing to buy, sell and rent a property. . Although Hunt said it is still a partner in a handful of warehouse, retail and office properties, Hunt CRE will primarily focus on landlord and tenant representation, site selection, lease negotiations and assistance with investments and acquisitions.

Hunt already plays such a role in arranging office leases across the country for Walden Security and has partnered with other investors in a number of other projects. Hunt has successfully led tenant representation work in Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Louisville, Kentucky, Greenville, South Carolina, and Orlando, Florida, among other cities.

Hunt’s new company can also co-broker with market experts in other cities to help customers wherever the need arises.

“Helping our clients achieve their goals has built our success as a CRE company,” Hunt said in an announcement for his new venture. “Our knowledge of the Chattanooga real estate market and the Southeast area in general, combined with our diverse client portfolio, assures our existing and new clients that their needs and best interests are considered when working together. .”

Berry & Hunt, a Chattanooga-based real estate asset company, dissolved in April after Hunt moved into his own office in the Volunteer Building last fall. Most of the buildings once owned by Jim Berry have been sold.

Over the past three decades, Berry & Hunt has redeveloped Chattanooga’s tallest office buildings, including the 21-story Liberty Tower and the adjacent 17-story Republic Center. The firm has also worked on other notable projects such as the HUB Building, Pioneer Building, Times Building and AGA Building.

“I attribute the company’s success to the decades of work Jim Berry and I have done together,” Hunt said. “I’m proud of the company we’ve created; it laid the foundation for my work today.”

Berry, who founded Republic Parking Systems and made the company one of the nation’s largest parking companies, died in 2013, and Hunt served as Berry’s director for eight years.

Originally from Chattanooga, Steve Hunt followed his father, the late Jim Hunt, into the real estate business while attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The elder Hunt retired from the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce in 1981 when he joined John Dyson and Associates. Steve Hunt began working with Jim Berry in 1988.

Hunt said his company is guided by the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated – and he said his company’s mission is to offer expert and comprehensive services to ensure clients succeed in their construction needs and investments.

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