Monthly Archives: July 2020

Declaration deed: Ownership

Is a declaration deed therefore necessary for all owners? YES. While the declaration contains all the details of the property, it also provides security of property to the owner. Before buying or renting real estate, especially in terms of land, buildings and apartments, it is crucial to do a background …

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Colorado’s Land Ownership Preservation Program Helps Renters and Homeowners

Colorado lawmakers have allocated nearly $ 20 million in federal CARES law funding to help residents qualify for emergency rental assistance. The Property preservation program came out of Bill 1410, which was adopted at the end of June to help Coloradans with housing assistance linked to COVID-19; he allocated $ …

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The implications of joint tenant ownership

Many people, especially married couples, own real estate, securities and other assets as “co-owners with right of survivorship” (JTWROS). With this arrangement, if one of the co-owners dies, the other co-owner automatically inherits the property. Advantages : Ownership owned by JTWROS avoids probate time and expense. This is a simple …

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