Monthly Archives: December 2014

Change owner to reflect wishes

When you first bought your home, there was probably so much going on and so many documents to sign that you may not have thought about how you would “take the title.” You may not have considered how your deed would reflect your property. Many people are unaware that there …

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Anti-corruption rules fail to clarify land ownership, say MPs | Immovable

The government plans to rip ‘the cloak of secrecy’ from corrupt officials hiding stolen money in the UK, fails to close a clear loophole in London’s property market, say MPs and campaigners. Concerns were raised when the government unveiled a long-delayed anti-corruption plan released on Thursday. Matthew Hancock, the Tory …

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Fiji government changes land sales law to restrict foreign ownership

The Fijian government has imposed new restrictions on land sales to foreigners and on existing foreign owners. The government originally planned to ban foreigners from buying land anywhere in Fiji. Instead, it passed amendments to the Land Sales Act that prevent the sale of land within city limits to outsiders. …

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